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Trick or Readathon 2019

Hello BookBats

It’s saturday night, I have just finished cooking dinner and I am eating my third apple pie of the season -OMG so yum- when I came across a blog called which has a section dedicated to Read-a-thon’s.

I love to have some time away from work in October especially around Halloween. To make sure I schedule in time to read, I am joining a Read-a-thon.

Megan from NutmegCuteSocks has a Halloween themed read-a-thon called Trick or Readathon which starts on 28th October – 31st October 2019, which is perfectly timing. She has 9 prompts which are below along with the books that I plan to read

Stranger Things: Read a Book that has a strange title

Paranormal Exploration: Read something outside of your comfort zone

Hocus Pocus: read a book featuring a character who undergoes some kind of transformation

Candy: re-read an old favourite

Haunted Mansion: Read a book with a Mysterious and/or Magical setting

You’re being Haunted: Read a book that you have heard about several times

Witchcraft and Wizardry: read a book about a witch or wizard

Pumpkin Spice: Read a book with an Orange cover or with orange present on the cover

A shot in the dark: read a book that is randomly selected from TBR.

So there’s my choices and I am so looking forward to reading these. There’s a few books that I have been dying to read for a long time, so I’m hoping to start those first.

Use #trickorreadathon on twitter!!

Book Musings

Why reading a Graphic novel reaffirmed my love of reading!

This month I wanted to continue with the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. It’s one of those stories where I loved the first novel, desperately wanted to read the next one, but never found time or just forgot.

I made it a mission to read the second book in the series called changeless, but to keep up with the world I read the Graphic novel of the first book Soulless.

I have never read a Graphic novel. I felt that I had enough books to read without graphic novels to consume my time. But I was curious enough to see the characters from the novel I loved come to manga form.

It took a while for me to understand the concept of ‘ktmp’ that appeared over scenes, but I finally worked out that these were sound effects.

Next thing I knew I was reading the novel out loud in voices, like I was reading a book to a child.

The whole experience filled me with a sense of fun and joy that I realised that I lacked when recently when reading.

I have been so consumed with completing reading monthly and yearly reading goals, that I had forgotten why I read in the first place.. because it’s fun, and disappearing into worlds for an hour or two give me pleasure, like no other.

So whilst I think I will keep having a reading goal for the year, I’m not going to worry too much and just read in the moment.