Confessions, concessions and ambitions.. A Bookbabes New year Rezzies..

Hi Bookbabes!

2020 is now a Week old. Last Year I had so many plans for this year, however I have been out of action with a cold this week. Never mind though because this has given me the perfect opportunity to stay in bed and read – not that much of an excuse is needed, but it felt justified for a change.

First, let me ask do you set Literary Goals, Bookbabes?? In the past I’ve set them then by this time, I’ve trashed them. Not this year though, because as sick as I feel, I am going to smash it!! –

To Read 250 Books in 2020

Confession number 1– I did not smash any reading goals this year, but last year was pretty bad personally, so I’m not going to be hard on myself – trust me that is not an easy thing for any woman to say!!!

250 books sounds like a lot but once I get in the reading zone, I can smash anything.. need to stop getting distracted by silly things like dinner and housework!!

Four Book Brits 2020

Book Confession number 2– I have never been to a Book Signing Event!! I know right.. Whenever I get round to finding they exist.. the tickets have sold out, however I am lucky enough to have purchased Four Brits Book Fest. The Hotel is booked and I am super excited. I’ll be post regular updates for the authors as I am hoping to read some of their novels in prep for the visit!! Wish me luck!!!


In case you don’t know, Romanceopoly is a Board game designed to help you beat the backlist and challenging your reading goals. I love this challenge soooo much its just so pretty and a real fun way to be social with books. Each square around the board is a Romance reading challenge. I will be posting updates throughout the year, but I have already rolled the dice and reading my first Novel: Controversial Princess by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

The Unread Shelf Book Project 2020

Book confession number 3 – I have a good 1000 or so books on my TBR shelf!! – granted most of those are Kindle (thanks BookBub) but I have officially run out of room on my shelves. (double spaced) I have probably got enough space on my shelves for a least 10 years worth of reading – eek!!

On my recent scroll through Instagram I found an account called ‘The Unread Shelf’. The Creator Whitney, has designed a yearly challenge and strategies to tackle problems like these. If you haven’t taken a look at her website, then I really recommend it.

Whitney is a gem. She genuinely doesn’t make you feel ashamed about you book buying habits, but does give meaningful strategies to make your reading life, simpler. Hooray for Bookish Heroes!!!

Book Buying/Lending Ban

Yeah.. you read that.. a ban on bookish buying. Okay, so it seems extreme but did you read the previous part… 1000s of books I own have not been read. That’s what I thought. Goodbye Kindle Unlimited.. goodbye Scribd.. goodbye cruel world… nah, its for the best.

2020 – Year of Purpose

To conclude, it seems I need to read more, buy less.

If only it was that simple, I mean come on there is a new Sarah J Maas Book coming out in march and.. STOP. READ MORE. BUY LESS –