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Book Review: Bite the Dust by Cynthia Eden

Format: Audiobook

Series: Blood & Moonlight, Book 1 of 3

Pages: 244

First Published: October 6th 2015

When homicide detective Jane Hart’s first case is the victim of a vampire attack, Werewolf Aiden Locke does what he can to ensure she doesn’t remember it.

It soon becomes clear that Jane’s world and that of the paranormal are about to collide.

I have read several of Cynthia Eden’s books and they are amazing. She is so imaginative and this is a fabulous example of why I love this author.

Her heroine was incredibly likeable; a tough as nails cop who was Kick Ass!!

“Her scent wrapped around him—something soft. Feminine. Probably one of those lotions that human women were always using. He rather…liked her smell. What was it? He inhaled again.
Apples and…lavender. A nice blend.
Only…there was something more. A deeper, richer scent that was pulling at him. Drawing him closer to her.
“Are you sniffing me?”
He stopped.
“Because that is some weird serial killer shit if you’re doing that. Don’t make me go for my gun again.”


Her werewolf Hero was demanding and strong, just how I like them.

Cannot wait for the next in the series